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Rental terms

Reservation and payment

A reservation will be approved when the customer has paid the advance payment. If there is less than 28 days left to the reserved date, the entire rent must be paid.

For further information (for example shorter rental times etc.) please call us.

The programme calculates the price for the reservation. Should the price be incorrect, the landlord has the right to charge the appropriate price anyhow.


Cancellation should be made in written form (for example by email).  The date of the cancellation is the date of the email. If the cancellation is made later than 28 days before the beginning of the reservation, the entire rent will be charged.

The rent will be paid back if the cancellation is caused by the fact that the customer or another household member suddenly falls ill, is involved in a serious accident etc. These must be verified in a trustworthy manner (for example a doctor’s certificate).

The landlord’s right to cancel a reservation

In case of insurmountable problem, the landlord may cancel a reservation. The customer has then the right to get the rent back. If the customer doesn’t keep the terms of payment, the reservation can be cancelled without notice.


The keys will be hand out, when the rent has been paid. If the customer loses the key, he is responsible to pay the costs caused by the fabrication of a new key.

Staying on the premises

The customer can use the cottage starting on the arrival day at 4 o’clock pm to the leaving day at noon. The customer should act in a good manner during his stay on the premises.

Number of persons

Only the persons, who are signed up when making the reservation, can stay in the cottage. Tents or caravans are not allowed unless agreed with the landlord.


The customer should bring his own bedlinen and towels. It is also possible to rent the bedlinen and towels at the cost of 15 euro/person.


During his stay the customer should keep the cottage tidy and clean it properly before leaving the cottage. If the cleaning is not done well enough, the landlord has the right to charge 300 euros for the cleaning. Should there be any additional cleaning work to be done, it will be charged extra. If the cottage or the movables are damaged during the stay, the customer is responsible to recompense the damages.

Renting the cottage to the third part

It is forbidden to rent the cottage to the third part. Should this be the case, the rental agreement is cancelled immediately.


Smoking is not allowed in the cottage.


During the stay possible reclamations must be done immediately to the landlord.